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You've probably already heard that in krmp.cc sells and buys the largest number of prohibited goods and services in the world every day. But it is not clear what these goods are. Let's figure it out.
• Oral preparations
Here you can find a lot of medicines - therapeutic and preventive. Most of them, for bureaucratic reasons, you will not find in a regular city pharmacy. In addition, Kraken has a wide selection of narcotic psychotropic and relaxing substances, which are in principle prohibited in the CIS.
• in.k2web.cc
Here, no one is interested in why you needed a new passport, which indicates a different name and no one is interested in the fact that a certificate from a narcologist for obtaining rights is not confirmed by any tests. There is an order - it will be fulfilled. And no one will ever know that your documents are fake, since they are not just printed on a printer, but issued by "their" people in the offices.
• Digital goods
If you want to get the personal data of an enemy or use the closed database of some company, it will be provided to you on a silver platter. Nothing is impossible on the Kraken.